When a user wants to make a payment at the Merchant POS point,the Merchant can login to the WayaWaya application with credentials and Click on accept Payment,a merchant will then Enter item description /payment description and the amount of payment
required in the Merchant currency on record.A 4 to 8 Digit Token will then be shown,a merchant should show the user this Token,the user will pay using this token and the merchant will get a notification to approve.After approval payment will be completed.
you may now register
To register, click on the 'Merchant Signup'
link above. To download search for WayaWaya in app
Store or Click on the platform Download link on the Home page Or simply dial the number + 442034112845
Merchant account and the account must be active.To Aceept swipe transactions the merchant should have the Swiping terminal supplied by WayaWaya.While to support Tap payments the merchant should have an NFC Capable Device running WayaWawa
What you need to Accept Payment
To Accept card payments through WayaWaya.A merchant should have completed signup for the WayaWaya