Starting to Use Wayawaya

To use Wayawaya a user should register by clicking signup on the mobile application

or web,enter all required information,signup succesfully,verify the account as required

and initial login succesfully.after registering a user will be redirected to the login page,

if the user has not verified his/her account he/she will be redirected to the verification

page,after verifying the user can now login succesfully by entering the user id

which is the users phone number without the leading(+)as entered during registration and password.

Account Lock

If a user enters his/her password incorrectly more than 10 times,the account will be locked and

the user will be required to enter account profile information to succesfully access services.

Merchant Login

A merchant user can login to Wayawaya using the wayawaya application or web prtal,this will

allow him/her to turn the application or web portal into a POS terminal and transaction management