Making POS payments

Wayawaya enables you to make secure POS payments from your mobile phone

Wayawaya also allows merchants to accept POS payments using only a phone

to make an easy POS payment a merchant will show you a Number token to use

for payment enter this token as the payment ID in the payment Module,a description

of the product will be shown and a request to confirm amount and quantity by entering

Your mobile PIN,the POS merchant will then get a confirmation of your payment and

can accept or reject the payment completing the POS payment process.

Pay to Merchant ID

A user can pay a merchant directly by entering the merchant ID,amount to be paid

and Mobile PIN,a user can also select the merchant from a list shown in the merchant

payment module.

Pay Bills

A user can pay a biller by entering the Biller ID,account number,amount and Mobile PIN

this will deduct funds from his account and credit into the billers accounts.