Receiving Funds

When funds are sent to an un-registered account,the recipient is required to

Register within 2 weeks of funds being sent failure to which the funds will

be credited back to the sender.When funds are sent to a registered account

wayawaya recipient the funds are automatically credited into his Wayawaya

Pre-Paid card and shown as the balance.This balance can then be withdrawn

into one of the attached accounts,ATM or used within the Wayawaya system.

Withdraw to Account

Wayawaya displays all the attached accounts in a swipable list below the withdraw

to account withdraw to an attached account,choose the amount you

would like to withdraw,select the attached account ou would like to withdraw into

amd press on the button withdraw to account.The funds will be credited to your

attached account

Withdraw at ATM

To withdraw at ATM,find a supported ATM(You can use the ATM locator functionality)

enter amount you would like to withdraw in the amounts field,Select button Withdraw to

ATM,in the next page,enter the ATM agent number for Wayawaya and confirm by entering

Wayawaya mobile PIN.Youwill receive a token from wayawaya via SMS,you should use

this token within 45 minutes to complete the transaction at the ATMpoint by entering the

token and UserID in the ATM point,if succesfull you will receive the funds.