Sending Card to Card

Wayawaya enables users to send money from one card account to the other

borderless on your mobile phone.After succesfull login go to send money and

Select destination country from the list,Enter mobile number starting with

Country code without the leading (+),enter the amount you would like to send

and press continue,you will be required to validate transaction by entering a

mobile pin.if a success status will be shown the funds will have been deducted

from your primary account.The recipeint will receive SMS and or E-Mail notification

of the transaction,if the recipient is unregistered,he will be required to register

to access the amounts sent,if the recipient is registered the funds will be credited

to his/her Wayawaya Virtul Pre-Paid card.The receiver can then withdraw from the

Virtual Pre-Paid card to an attached card account or withdraw at a supported

ATM using only his phone with the wayawaya application installed.

Sending Card to Mobile

Card to mobile enebles senders to send money directly from their selected

account into a recipients mobile wallet account,the recipient will get funds

credited directly into his/her mobile wallet account without requiring him/her to

register to the wayawaya service.a sender can use this service by selecting

send2mobile option in the send money menu

Send to Western Union

This allows a userto send funds from their Attached account to a western union

Recipient,this option can be assessed by selecting card2Wu in the Send

money menu