Verifying Accounts on Wayawaya

To use an attached account on Wayawaya a user must verify account ownership,

verification confirms that a user is the owner of the attached account and can use

it for wayawaya transactions.

Verification occurs in three ways:Entry of random amount deducted from account during

attaching of the account,entry of transaction number associated with verification transaaction

into attached account and 3D Secure based verification such as VerifiedByVisa and

MasterCard SecureCode

Random amount verification

When a user attaches a card account,a random amount in his/her currency is deducted from

his attached account in his local currency,he is then expected to go to hsi account statement

get the random amount deducted and enter it in the verification page after complete verification the random amount deducted will be refunded back to the user

Transaction Number verification

To verify such accounts as mobile wallet accounts a user is required to send a certian amount

through the wallet account being attached to Wayawaya,the user is then expected to provide

the transaction number for the verification transaction at which point the funds will

be refunded back to his/her mobile wallet account..

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

A user can also verify attached card accounts where available by using 3D secure

based account verification options,if the user isnot enrolled to the respective services

he will be redirected to an enrollment page.