After Downloading or getting the Wayawaya Application into your mobile phone phone register using your Bank Card or supported Mobile Wallet Account. Once you're registered, Wayawaya will connect to your bank or mobile wallet account, and make a direct debit transaction,You will be required to confirm access to attached account by giving Wayawaya the associated transaction number or random debited amount .
Wayawaya is designed to work on all kinds of phones. for users with smartphones ,Wayawaya application downloads are available on the Android,Iphone and Blackberry application markets ,you can also download Wayawaya versions for Symbian,J2ME and Windows Phone Platforms.Users with Mobile Phones without internet access,can still access Wayawaya by USSD short code on the WayawayaGlobal USSD platform.
you may now register
To register, click on the ' Signup'
link above. To download search for WayaWaya in app
Store or Click on the platform Download link on the Home page Or simply dial the number + 442034112845
The primary account should have enough funds to cover your transaction and service charges. You can then attach several other accounts to your Wayawaya application account and simply switch between accounts whenever you need to, as long as all your accounts have been validated.
What you need to use
To Send Money through Wayawaya, you must have validated ownership of a primary account attached during registration. The primary account could be your bank account or your mobile wallet account.