Merchant Solutions

We enable businesses to process card payments from Mobile terminals and Mobile Phone based Applications

How To It Works

At succesfull Wayawaya Merchant signup,The WayaWaya mobile and web based applications allow merchants to accept Payments.Wayawaya also enables API connections and custom checkout system for merchant websites,to enable online payments and checkouts securely


To start accepting payments through Wayawaya start the registration process by clicking on Merchant SignUp above,The merchant should enter required details and follow instructions sent through the E-Mail or Mobile phone provided at signup .When signup is complete a Wayawaya merchant can now login to the Mobile application or Web ,start requesting and accepting payments or intergrate theirystem to the Wayawaya online payments API.

Process payments From Your Phone Now

Start accepting payments by signing up for a Wayawaya merchant account.Wayawaya enables the convenience of users making purchase and invoice payments from their mobile phones,by using the Wayawaya issued merchant ID ,Merchant Issued Token or Tap at the NFC capable Merchant Mobile Phone running the WayaWaya Application.