Western Union Electronic Agent Domain MiddleWare

This system integrates with the Western Union electronic agent domain ,Payments Card networks and Core Banking systems to enable Mobile and Web based Send,Receive,Refund,Modify,Track transactions,Manage MyWu card and other Back office Western Union transactions.This system is developed in colalaboration with finacial institutions with a proven track record of reliability,security and versatility.This product is offered in collaboaration with finacial institutions where Wayawaya has a fully developed and tested middleware application,which is integrated to the customised Mobile banking internet banking and backoffice applications of the client financial institution

Send Money

A user can send money which is then Debited from his/her attached Payments Card,Wallet or Banking account,the completed transaction is then Aknowledged by Western Union electronic Agent domain which issues a MTCN number and other Identification and transactional details to be used by the receiver to receive money at a Western Union agent or through a supported Mobile application credited into his financial account

Receive Money

A user can be able to receive money sent through Western union by entering the corresponding MTCN number,Sender details,Location and transactional information,if a Likely to be succesfull status is returned by the application,a user on confirmation of a transaction will be able to have the funds sent credited into his/her attached financial account.

Refund,Modify,Track and Update MyWU card

This applicaations developed also allows users to request for refunds for transactions done earlier,Modify transactions(Change receiver details and transactional information),track transactions so that a user is able to know weather a transaction earlier stored is Paid,Available or Not-Available the system also allows clients to update WuCard details.