Mobile Banking solutions

Wayawaya Develops custom solutions on Java card,USSD,Android,Blackberry OS 4-7,Blackberry 10,IOS,Mobile Web,SMS and Windows Phone 7&8 this also enables financial institutions to provide there client with secure,intuitive and easy to use mobile banking solutions that add an extra transactional banking layer,all communication between the application and Web server access is encrypted and authenticated with secure tokens,Mobile PINS and passwords,the in built Fraud monitor also ensures that the user is able to monitor active sessions,loggin devices and locations and be notified incase of login through unfamilier devices,this helps the user and adminstration to prevent unwanted losses from a breach in user security information.

Mobile banking

We offer intutive and modern application that are fucntional,secure and easy to use fo banking clients,this Mobile banking applications are able to secure the user information and user details on most mobile platforms in use.The solution is rapidly deploayable and we are able to integrate with multiple points from XML,ISO Messaging,Stored procedures and Functions in Core application databases to API access to ensure that your custom built application works as required in a secure and reliable environment.


We have verios licensing regimes,from annuall licensing fees to revenue share and per transaction charges.At MIMI we are constantly working hard to address and be flexible to address the clients needs bothe technical and commercial.