With Wayawaya You can now send,Receive Money,PayBills,Purchase Items conveniently pay online anywhere anytime over any network from you fevorite bank or supported mobile wallet account through your mobile phone.

Card To Card

You can use WayaWaya to send money directly from you Bank/Card(VISA,MasterCard,Discover,Amex,JCB) account to another recipients Bank/Card(VISA,MasterCard,Discover,Amex,JCB) Account.After secure registration, a sender can send money anywhere anytime from his attached Bank/Card(VISA,MasterCard,Discover,Amex,JCB) account to any recipient by entering the recipients mobile phone number,country and amount.The recipient will also be required to register securely,and at registration completion will be able to receive the funds into their attached account.A recipeitn who has already previosly completed registration to the system will receive the funds directly to his/her account .

Card to Mobile Wallet

A WayaWaya User can also send funds directly form his bank/Card /wallet(VISA,MasterCard,Discover,Amex,JCB) account attached to Wayawaya into a mobile Wallet account listed.A sender will simply enter the recipients mobile phone number or Wallet account ID as instructed,Wallet type and amount.The sent funds will be debited from the senders account and credited directly to the recipients Wallet Account.this transaction mode is helpfull where the recipient does not own a bank or Debit/Credit/Pre-Paid card account.

Make Payments

WayaWaya users can pay securely at supported merchants without exchanging account information,A user can make a payment using a Token,Merchant ID,Biller ID directly from their WayaWaya application.to make a token payment a merchant will show the user a token,the user will go to the payments module of their application and enter this token,the application will show all the transaction information including Item details,Price and merchant details,a user can confirm this transaction by entering his/her WayaWaya mobile PIN,The merchant will then approve this payment and the amount will be deducted from the WayaWaya User's account and settled to the merchants account per the merchant agreement .

A user can also directly pay the merchant by entering the Merchant ID and Amount.

Bill Payments are also supported where a user can select the Biller/Enter Biller Id ,enter amount and confirm the transaction.