When a user wants to make a payment at the Merchant POS point,the Merchant will show the user a four to 8 Digit numerical token,a user can go to his/her WayaWaya application dashboard>payments>pay till.The user can then Enter this Token and Press continue.If the Token is
valid and has not expired,the user will be shown transaction information,including Item description,payment amount & merchant details.The user can then confirm this transaction by entering mobile Pin.The merchant will then approve if correct& complete
you may now register
To register, click on the ' Signup'
link above. To download search for WayaWaya in app
Store or Click on the platform Download link on the Home page Or simply dial the number + 442034112845
Payment amount.No transactions fees are charged to users for making a payment.A user must make sure that the transacion summary and details are correct before confirming the transaction by entering the Mobile PIN and pressing confirm.
What you need to Make Payment
To make a payment through Wayawaya, you must be a valid wayawaya user. The primary account or account being used for payment should have enough Funds to cover the .